05 June 2012

A Double Wedding

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Married on 19 Nov 1751 in Berks County, PA
To Catherine (surname unknown) AND Anna Marie Voegel

With CATHERINE (1729-1848)            CHILDREN         With ANNA MARIE (1731-1759)

Christina Rexrode (b. 1736 VA)                                       Heinrich Rexroad (b. 1756 PA)
Barbara Rexroad (b. 1759)                                             Sophia Catherine Rexroad (b. 1759 PA)
Zachariah Rexrode (b. 1761 VA)                                     Sophia Catherine Rexroad (b. 1759 PA)
Dorothy A Rexrode (b. 1763 VA)
Nathan Rexroad (b. 1766 VA)
Sophia Catherine Rexrode (b. 1769 VA)
Johann Adam Rexroat (b. 1770 PA)
Margaret Rexrode (b. 1770)
John M Rexrode (b. 1771 VA)
Leonard Rexroad (b. 1771 VA)
Henry Rexrode (b. 1778)
Mary Rexroad (b. 1782 VA)
Catherine Rexrode (b. 1787 WV)
Jacob Rexrode (b. 1789 VA)
Samuel Rexrode (b. 1794 VA)
George R Rexrode (b. 1798 VA)
Barbara Rexrode (b. 1799 VA)
Solomon Rexrode (b. 1803 VA)
Henry S Rexrode (b. 1806 VA)


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
Immigration in 1773, Germany to Philadelphia, PA

1790 Census, Reading, Berks, PA
Zacharias Rexrode
Persons (all free and white): 4 males under 16, 2 males over 16, 1 female

Family Data Collection
Johannes Zacariah Rexrode, b. 1725 in Berks, PA
Married to Anna Marie Voegel on 19 Nov 1751, Berks, PA
Attached to BOTH marriage events

Pennsylvania, Veterans Burial Cards, 1777-1999
Death of John Zacharias Rexroad (1746-1791)

1840 Census, Pendleton, VA
Zachariah Rexroad
Born about 1761, veteran, living with son Solomon and family

1850 Census, Western District, Ritchie, VA
Henry Rexroad
Born about 1778 in VA, living with Catherine (age 72) and Louisa (age 15)

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Usually a double wedding means two brides and two grooms. Not in this case. Absolutely no proof that there was a second bride but the creator of this tree decided they'd attach the marriage record to a second bride, using the same marriage date, anyway.
Unfortunately these two errors are not uncommon:
1. First child, Christina, was born when her father was 11 and mother was 7. 
2. The last 8 children were born after the mother was 50 years old.
But this person didn't just copy trees. There are actually records attached so let's look at those. In bold is the info chosen for the profile.

1725 Germany
1725 PA - Family Data Coll.
1746 - Veterans Burial Cards
1761 - 1840 Census 
1778 VA - 1850 Census
1773 - Immigration Index
Note: Children's births - Those with birth places before 1773 are all born in the US.

1799 VA
1791 - Veterans Burial Cards, buried in PA
1840 Census - not dead
1850 Census - not dead, 125 years old and named Henry

This is what happens when you break Commandment #2. You wind up with a 47 year span for someone's birth, conflicting death dates and records that don't even have the name of the person you're supposed to be researching.

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