11 May 2012

The Sewing Machine

My mom wrote this a few years ago and I thought it would
be appropriate for Mother's Day weekend.

Mom did not have much time to do anything at home since she divorced when we were very young (I was six years old) and she had to work to support and raise us the best way she could. Anyway, every little chance she had, she would work on some fancy needlework. She loved to embroider and crochet but never had enough to buy supplies. Her dad, my grandpa, bought her a sewing machine so she could make us dresses. During those days street vendors would go around the neighborhood selling whatever. There was this man that would go by on a monthly basis selling his wares including material and sewing thread. Mom would buy scrap bundles (they were cheaper in price) to make us clothes. She made her own patterns. She didn't use instructions for her crocheting either! Back then flour came in a cloth sack (25 - 50 pounds). Most were "dirty looking" white sacks but we also had pretty prints. I think even my brother had flour sack underwear made by Mom. I still remember the very first bra she made for me. As a child I did not appreciate it and felt embarrassed to wear it. Of course now I feel so proud of my Mom and what she went through to make me what I am today. Back to the sewing machine. It was nice. It had a cabinet but most of all, Mama could really make the pedal go! She was proud of it. My baby sister, Lali, ended up with it. Don't know why but she dumped it! One day in the early 70's Floyd and I went to visit and saw it outside the house all rusty and the cabinet was rotted. Floyd figured he would try to make it work. No luck, it was too far gone. The only thing he could save was the iron legs. That's what we now use as an end table!

Mom, Grandma Luz, Tia Mary
Great-Grandpa Ysidro, Tia Lali, Tio Marcos

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  1. Love the story from your life....and I will haunt each and everyone of my children should they allow any of my sewing machines to get to that condition.