09 September 2015

It Paynes Me

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 Harriet S. Payne

 Peter I Coughnet (1793-1856)
 Catherine Wohlgemuth (1794-1881)

 Lafayette Wilmarth (1811-1854)
 ✿ Harriet Ceilinda "Hattie" Wilmarth (b. 1841)
 ✿ William P Tiffany (b. 1844)
 ✿ Katherine (Kate) Tiffany (b. 1844)
 ✿ Priscilla Tiffany (b. 1845)
 ✿ Luther Scott Tiffany (b. 1867)

 Birth  April 30, 1812 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
 Marriage  22 Feb 1842 to Lafayette Wilmarth
 Marriage  30 Jun 1846 to Lafayette Wilmarth
 Death  March 29, 1859 in Jackson Twp, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
 Residence  1880 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, United States
 Burial  in Davenport, Scott, Iowa

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Harriet does not share a surname with her parents and there's no indication she was adopted. The parents have eight other children, all with the Coughnet surname. Only one of Harriet's children has her husband's surname and that child was born before they were married. The youngest child was born when Harriet was 55 years old. And then there's the 1880 Residence event. Really? She moved halfway across the country after she died? Oh, and she changed her name after becoming a zombie. Here are some of the records attached to this profile:

 1880 U.S. Federal Census for Christiana Tiffany, b. abt 1824, New York, married to A.S. Tiffany, living in Davenport, Scott, Iowa
 Iowa, Cemetery Records, 1662-1999 for Christian Von Coughnet Tiffany (1824-1898), buried in Davenport, Scott, Iowa
 Ancestry Member Trees

The trees may give some insight into where the problems started. There are only two trees:

1) Harriet S. PAYNE: Looks to be the correct info for Harriet's family. It's at least logical.

 Harriet S. PAYNE
 Birth  April 30, 1812 in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
 Marriage  June 30, 1846 to Lafayette WILMARTH
 Death  March 29, 1859 in Jackson Twp, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

2) Christiana Tiffany: Uh, why?

 Christiana Tiffany
 Birth  6 September 1823 in Johnson's Bush, NY
 Marriage  22 Feb 1842 to Dr. Asa Scott Tiffany
 Death  1898 in Davenport, Scott Iowa

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