25 April 2014

Not in Line for the Throne

This screen cap below was posted, by the tree owner, to a genealogy Facebook page last month. I have cropped the image to remove the tree owner's Ancestry.com username. She posted to ask about how to enter names from eras before surnames were common because, "I have many of the European Royalty in my line."
I just want to point out one thing but I'll let you take a look first in case you'd like to guess what the 'one thing' is.

Think you've got it? Here is that comment that I restrained myself from making on Facebook:
"The great-grandfather of the husband of your 14th great-grand aunt is not in YOUR line!"
It's easy to get sidetracked by a tangential family when there's a story or a mystery. If you don't keep track of where your family stops and the other family begins or you'll wind up researching the neighbor of the nephew of the great-grandfather of your 4th cousin's brother-in-law. If that's what you want to do, great but that wouldn't even be a collateral line, much less your line.
I will never understand the desperate need to be connected to royalty. And why does that desperation go hand in hand with fake coats of arms?

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  1. LLOLOLLLLOOLLL!!!! That's is pretty darn hilarious!! I've gone off of a "line" to see if I could connect to someone else I know (provided I ran into a name match of a friend in the same small area), but NEVER to that extent! Holy cow! GEESH! I think I am whacked when I get to a 6th cousin!!

  2. Personally, what I noticed was that she (or the original purveyor of the silly "COA" nonsense) doesn't know how to spell Sicily ("Sixily"? Really??)