12 July 2013

Grin and Bear It

Yet another tree owner who insists on having an image for each and every profile. This is just the tip of the iceberg (you can complete the Titanic metaphor in your head). For other infant deaths in this tree there are angels, sleeping babies, sleeping angels, sleeping baby angels,... You get the idea. If you must have a photo for every profile despite not having a photograph of the person please be considerate to the rest of the Ancestry community. Choose ONE photo and attach it to multiple profiles. Even then, if it's as inane as these I hope you realize that every person that has to ignore that image when it shows up as a hint on their tree is cursing you.

TITLE: Carebear 1
UPLOADED TO: Evelyn Berly (1918-1918)

TITLE: GoodLuckBear
UPLOADED TO: Elwin Pearl Curtis (1915-1916)

TITLE: carebarerainbow 
UPLOADED TO: Twice to Elizabeth Butler (1708-1712)
and Mary Hyde (1721-1724)

TITLE: bedtimebear
UPLOADED TO: Twice to Daniel Butler (1700-1700)
and Leo Enoch Schmidt (1880-1881)

TITLE: carebear2
UPLOADED TO: David Logsdon (1676-1677)
TITLE: lovealotbear
UPLOADED TO: Mary Shepard (1602-1603)
The above photos are from glitterfy.com

If you have a photo to suggest please send a link to buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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