21 September 2012

Not Dead Yet

Spouses are listed at the top. All children are color coded to their mother,
have the Walker surname and are listed by their birth year.

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 Maria Pennie Hickman (1840-1910) Children born in Illinois
 Harriet (1830-????) Children born in Tennessee
 Mary Elizabeth Fulwood (1864-1947) Children born in Florida
 Ollie Mae Carr (1878-1956) Children born in Illinois
 Emily Clemence Buchman (1886-1958) Children born in Texas
 Emily McGill (1887-????) Children born in Texas
 Lillie Viola Murvin (1888-1962) Children born in Idaho and Utah
 Sallie J (1861-1885) No children

 1860  Viola
 1860  Viola
 1863  James Daniel
 1864  Sherman, Henry
 1864  Sherman
 1866  Wyley
 1867  George Hickman
 1868  Frank
 1869  Maggie
 1869  Maggie
 1870  Susie
 1871  Cora D
 1871  Cora D
 1872  William
 1873  John R
 1873  John R
 1878  Mary E
 1878  Mary E
 1879  Ella
 1885  Bertha Edith
 1886  William Albert
 1886  Nora Edna
 1889  Robert Archibald
 1893  Mattie Rose
 1896  Grace Myrtle
 1898  MARRIAGE to Ollie Mae Carr
 1900  Glen, Clyne
 1902  Bonnie Mae, MARRIAGE to Emily Clemence Buchman
 1902  Mary Julie Ann
 1903  Mary
 1906  Beryl
 1907  Lucile
 1908  James
 1909  Hilda Beth
 1910  Benjamin
 1911  Roxy LouDean
 1912  Lydia
 1913  Theadore Franklin
 1915  William Reagan
 1921  Steve Abraham

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Benjamin Franklin Walker is a great-great-grandfather to the home person on this tree. His son George Hickman Walker is great-grandfather of the home person. George was born in 1867 and Benjamin in 1860...or maybe not.    
This is one of the census records attached.
 Seymour, Champaign, Illinois
 Benjamin F. Walker, B: 1831, Ohio
 Maria Walker, B: 1840, Ohio
 Viola Walker, B: 1860, Illinois
 Sherman Walker, B: 1864, Illinois
 George H. Walker, B: 1867, Illinois
 Maggie Walker, B: 1869, Illinois
 Cora D. Walker, B: 1871, Illinois
 John R. Walker, B: 1873, Illinois
 Mary E. Walker, B: 1878, Illinois 
Unfortunately one of the many records attached in error was attached first and wound up as the profile information for Benjamin. How did the tree owner not notice when they attached the record that the man was only 7 years older than his supposed son? I guess it's lucky that they also ignored the almost 30 year age difference and attached one correct record (the 1880 census above). So instead of being born about 1831 his profile shows 1860. Rather than try to find the correct family, this person mixed numerous other families with their own.
Of course when it's impossible to find your family in census records it's perfectly acceptable to just find random people who share the same name and claim them as your own. It doesn't disrespect your ancestors at all :-/
Searching for Benjamin in the 1870s I found this. I've copied the names of those from the 1880 census who were living in 1870 so you can compare for yourself.
 1870 US Census                            1880 US Census
 Colfax, Champaign, Illinois               Seymour, Champaign, Illinois
 Benj F Walker, B: 1832, Ohio            Benjamin F. Walker, B: 1831, Ohio
 Maria P Walker, B: 1840, Ohio          Maria Walker, B: 1840, Ohio
 Anna V Walker, B: 1860, Illinois        Viola Walker, B: 1860, Illinois
 Anna F Walker, B: 1862, Illinois
 Wm S Walker, B: 1864, Illinois          Sherman Walker, B: 1864, Illinois
 Geo H Walker, B: 1867, Illinois          George H. Walker, B: 1867, Illinois
 Maggie S Walker, B: 1869, Illinois      Maggie Walker, B: 1869, Illinois
Impossible to find! So difficult! It was on the first page of results.
Expanding the search to ALL censuses this was the 2nd result after the above 1880 census:
 1910 US Census
 Benjamin F Walker, B: 1831, Ohio
 Relationship to head of household: Father-in-law
 That would make his daughter...
 Mary E McGlothlin, B: 1878, Illinois
Does the daughter's info look familiar? (Hint: Check the last name in the 1880 census above.) Oh, and one small detail, it's 1910 and he's not dead yet.
Of course neither one of those records is attached to this tree. What is attached? Here are some highlights:
 1) A 1900 US census for Franklin C Walker, B: 1890 in Michigan; Residence: Michigan
 2) A 1915 NY State census for Benjamine F Walker, B: 1858 in US
 3) A 1940 US census for Ben F Walker, B: 1859 in Missouri; Residence: Florida
 4) A photo of a tombstone for a B. F. Walker (1860-1885) who is buried in Arkansas.
Let's see... Birth date? Wrong. Death date? Wrong. Census records? 3 out of 4 wrong. Gravestone? Wrong. Spouses? 7 out of 8 wrong. Children? *head/desk*head/desk*head/desk* It's just endless. His mother was born in 1807 and his father died in 1846. Both of which are fine for his real birth date of 1831 but all of his siblings were born in the 1880s. UGH!!!!!!

NOTE: This person took information from 12 different trees. Birth years range from 1821 to 1884, death years from 1885 to 1946. Only 3 of those 12 trees have even the slightest possibility of being the person they're looking to find.

Hat tip to Karen for the heads up about this profile ;-)

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