21 February 2012

What's the point?

A short but puzzling post today ;-)

One tree I've run across was difficult to decipher in a way that is unlike any I've posted about before. Each person on this tree had been entered and then all relationships removed. No one on their tree had a mother or a father or a spouse or children. You could use the search box to look for a name but you couldn't tell how anyone was related. Doesn't that defeat the point of having a FAMILY tree?

If any of you have a theory as to why someone would do this please comment.

I'd love to hear it!

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  1. I can tell you *exactly* why it was posted in such a manner.

    It was to provide the information on that particular person and not on any family associations they may have had.

    It stops the one click namegathering treebies dead in their tracks while providing valuable information to the serious researcher.

    I'm willing to help anyone with any individual person but I won't provide entire family lines.

  2. Then it's really interesting that the reason I found the tree was because they copied an entire line of my family. Yet they have added NO records and have added the barest of facts. Not a lot of details for a "serious researcher".
    They do have about 30 people connected as a family and then just a pile of leaves. Sorry Karl but I still don't see the point.