27 January 2012

Friday Tips

UPDATE: My eBay store is now closed so I've removed those links.

Happy Friday everyone!
Every Friday I'll be posting tips for beginners. I'm starting with one that's self-serving ;-) I just started an eBay store. A lot of people don't realize that 1) there are genealogical finds on eBay and 2) they can be the most valuable.
Searching for "family Bible" brings up 1,448 results. Not all of them are antiques nor do all of them have family information but those that do would be invaluable to the descendants. Just look at the photos for this Bible.
Searching for "county history book" brings up 1,131 results. You can narrow that down by adding the name of a county. Some may be searchable copies of an out-of-print book on cd.
A couple of years ago I found a copy of Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler by Harvey Hostetler for my sister-in-law. While I still need to verify all the lineage it has a few chapters of family history at the beginning. It was a great find!
Do a search for a surname in your tree and you could find photos, letters, a business card, who knows what else.
If your ancestor owned a store try searching the store name. You may find a matchbook or sales sample or another promotional item.
Now some of you might be thinking, "I don't have time to check eBay every week." No one does ;-) You can save your search(es) and you'll get an email when something matching your search is added. If you're researching a name like Hochstetler you can probably just search the surname or do multiple searches with variations in spelling. If you're researching a name like Baker however... well, you'll need experiment with searches a little bit.

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