02 September 2014


Am I the only person who didn't know polygamy only applies to one husband and multiple wives? Polyandry involves one wife having multiple husbands. For some reason I don't think that is what this is. This...

 Maude Ellen Bushnell
 Birth 23 Apr 1874
 Marriage Sep 1889 to Edward Albert Stratton
 Marriage Sep 1889 to John Bedford Whitsett
 Marriage 18 Oct 1889 to Edward Albert Stratton
 Marriage 18 Oct 1889 to Jesse S Osborn
 Marriage 2 Jan 1893 to Edward Albert Stratton
 Marriage 10 Sep 1904 to John Bedford Whitsett
 Marriage 10 Aug 1924 to Charles Fredrick Bottger
 Death 24 May 1951

...is just someone shutting off their brain while working on their tree.

Thanks to Patricia for the link to this profile ;-)
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  1. I can't imagine a woman wanting to wash and clean for that many husbands :-)

  2. Relationship status: It's complicated.