09 August 2013

Lipstick on a Pig

This week I'm putting the photo after the jump. It's just disturbing.
If you do not want to see it scroll slowly and stop at the jump indicator.

TITLE: Belgian Pig Art Farm
DESCRIPTION: Workers tattoo a pig in the "Art Farm" of Belgian conceptual artist Wim Delvoye at the outskirts of Beijing November 20, 2008. Delvoye has staff consisting of local farmers to raise the pigs and professionals to tattoo them with cartoons or symbols. The animals would then be displayed at art exhibitions and their skins sold to collectors after they were slaughtered.
UPLOADED TO: Once to 3 profiles, a man and his parents.
Prosper Joseph Barbion b. 1908 in Belgium - d. 2003 in Oregon
August Barbion b. 1887 Belgium
Octavie M b. 1890 Belgium
ATTACHED TO: No other trees

The tree owner gives no credit to Reuters, who provided the description, or the photographer, Reinhard Krause. You'll find more photos at that link.
There is also no indication as to why this photo was uploaded. There is no one in this tree with the Delvoye surname and each profile has multiple uploaded images (a Coat of Arms, a couple of flags, flowers, etc.).

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Thanks to Janet for the link to this photo ;-)
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  1. Near where I live there is a modern art museum, MONA, which has received world renown but is also known for its unusual pieces. Funnily enough, Wim Delvoye (the artist above) has a piece there, called "Cloaca Professional". However, it's popularly known as the "Poop Machine" because...well...it's rather self-explanatory.

    1. I'm a fan of modern art but how this guy conned people into believe his $#!+ is art is beyond me :-P