17 July 2012

Four By Five

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B: 25 Oct 1845 <Saddler's Church, York Co., Pa>
D: 5 Mar 1928

Marriage to George H. Gerberich, AFT 1862
Marriage to Samuel Cornbower, AFT 1906

Children with George H. Gerberich

Susanna, B: ABT 1844 <Crestline, Crawford Co., Oh>
Lovina, B: ABT 1846 <Crestline, Crawford Co., Oh>
Christina, B: ABT 1848 York Co, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth, B: ABT 1850 <Crestline, Crawford Co., Oh>
Susanna, B: ABT 1863 ,,York Co, Pennsylvania
Lovina, B. ABT 1865 York Co, Pennsylvania

First let me say that I really hope that "Saddler's Church" is the place Caroline was baptized and not the place she was born. Second, why put < > around some of the places? I tried a search for someone in my tree adding < > to the places. The page wouldn't load...at all. (I double checked to make sure the site wasn't down. Other searches worked fine.) Lastly, I bet my regular readers can guess what's coming next, here is Caroline's timeline:

- 1     Gives birth to 1st child
  0     Born
  1     Gives birth to 2nd child
  3     Gives birth to 3rd child
  5     Gives birth to 4th child
17     Marries George H. Gerberich
18     Gives birth to 5th child
20     Gives birth to 6th child
60     Death of husband
61     Marries Samuel Cornbower
82     Dies

Maybe, just maybe, this person should go back and take a look at those first four children.

Hat tip to GerbLady from the Find A Grave forums for the heads up about this profile ;-)

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