09 March 2012


Today's post isn't so much a tip as it's a plea to Who Do You Think You Are? to provide us with tips. I'm sending this letter to the show and hope others will too. Go HERE.
Look down the page for the "Select Show" dropdown. Once you select a show the message box will appear.
Here's the email I sent:

Dear Alex, Lisa, Dan, Jennifer and Al,
I would love to see a fact sheet for each episode. Some facts that would be interesting and helpful:
Number of genealogists employed ___
Number of total research hours ___
Number of online research hours ___
Number of states visited (for research) ___
Number of countries visited (for research) ___
List of documents used ____________________________________________
List of repositories for those documents (on and off line)____________________________________________
Information provided by featured guest (a checklist to see how much information they already knew):
___ Paternal Grandfather’s birth date/place
___ Maternal Grandfather’s birth date/place
___ Paternal Grandmother’s birth date/place
___ Maternal Grandmother’s birth date/place
___ Paternal Great-Grandfather’s birth date/place
___ Maternal Great-Grandfather’s birth date/place
___ Paternal Great-Grandmother’s birth date/place
___ Maternal Great-Grandmother’s birth date/place

I hope you'll consider providing this information to your many genealogy obsessed fans.

UPDATE: I only got error messages on the NBC website. On their corporate site I found a link and sent a message about the website errors. Instead I'll be posting this on the WDYTYA? Facebook page and on Dan's Facebook page. If you're able to send a message through the NBC site please let me know. Also, if you wouldn't mind, let me know your platform and browser. I'm using Firefox 6 on a Mac so maybe that's an issue.

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